If you are looking for your perfect job, then you cannot underestimate the importance of an eye-catching cover letter. You might have the experience, expertise and the credentials to perform at the job, but without a great cover letter to prove you can, you aren’t going anywhere.

If you’ve spent days to find this perfect job of your dreams, then you don’t want to ruin the opportunity. Therefore, the following professional cover letter writing tips will help you create a butterfly-effect with your cover letter.

  1. Customize the cover letter for the job

Many job seekers want to make their cover-letter writing easy. Thus, they look for a sample letter for a similar position, make a few edits and then submit it.

Well, that might not work. You might make a huge mistake that will cost you the perfect job. If you want to make a first-hand impression with your cover letter, customized and tailor it to meet the specific requirements of the job offer.

  1. Keep it short, simple and sweet

Hiring managers are very busy. They don’t have time to read long, boring cover letters. If you want to grab their attention and win their hearts, keep your cover letter concise and straight to the point.

Make it interesting so that they will be in awe of you. Ideally, keep your cover letter at around 300 words.

  1. Create excitement and enthusiasm

Happiness sells! If you’re writing a cover letter, create enthusiasm and excitement about yourself. You want the hiring manager to read your letter and feel a sigh of relief saying, “Yes, this is the one I want!

This is the one we’re looking for!” Recent studies have already shown that job seekers who express enthusiasm in their cover letter are 78% closer to affecting the hiring decision of the manager.

  1. Personalize to the hiring manager

This tip is very important to avoid your cover letter from being rejected or ignored. People love to hear their names.

When they see their name somewhere, they like to pay attention to it. If you want the hiring manager to pay rapt attention to your application letter, then you need to do your homework, look for the personal name and use that in the address. Research inside and outside the company to find the exact name of the hiring manager.

  1. Avoid grammar and punctuation mistakes

First-impression counts. If you are looking to exude excellence and show that you will perform a job to your highest ability, then you can’t write a cover letter replete with grammar and punctuation mistakes. A high-quality cover letter is a mark of excellence.

Don’t compromise your integrity by rushing to submit by spending less time to get your cover letter right. Take your time to spell-check your words, proofread and edit several times to ensure it is okay. You might get another colleague to review for you before submitting.