Experts Knows How to write a Cover Letter

It’s not enough to write a cover letter for a job application. The question is: How do you write an eye-catching cover letter that instantly convinces the employer about you and propels him to pick the phone to call you for the job interview. Well, there are five simple steps to write an irresistible cover letter.

  1. Create your professional header

This is a prime location to provide your personal information. A professional header sets you apart from the park and makes your cover letter look attractive to the employer. Use the right-hand corner to outline your basic details such as date, name, phone number, email address, professional title, social media account, and resident city. Also include the recipient’s name, title and address.

  1. Locate and use the hiring manager’s name in the address

If you want to capture the attention of the hiring manager, address the letter with his name. It creates a personal touch when the manager’s name is in the address. It hooks him up and makes him feel like this is for him. Instead of a generic, “Dear Sir/Madam,” consider asking the company or researching to find the hiring manager’s name and then use that in the address.

  1. Use the first paragraph to wow the hiring manager with your past achievements

Do you have a noteworthy achievement that you have chalked in your past career that relates to this job? Use it to grab the hiring manager’s attention. Express the fact that you’re a big fan of the company, and you’re very delighted to support their growth. Then, connect with your successful track record to amaze him.

  1. Use the second paragraph to prove that you’re the most ideal candidate to fit that need

Companies don’t hire for positions. They hire for solutions. They are looking for people to solve problems, fill needs and create changes that existing individuals do not have the expertise with. Therefore, see the job from the employer’s perspective and outline reasons you the most ideal candidate to fill that position and fill that need in the company.

  1. Use the third paragraph to show your earnest interest to join the team

How bad do you need this job? This the time to show it. If you know any upcoming project of the company, highlight it here and then prove that your experience and expertise will help them get it off the ground. Also, show that you are hardworking and have the work ethic to meet the standards of excellence of the company.

  1. Use the final paragraph to reemphasize your job offer

The final paragraph is where to reinstate your desire for the job and how your presence will contribute immensely to the company’s growth. Create expectation by letting the hiring manager know that you look forward to hearing from him soon.

  1. End with a formal closing remark

How you end your cover letter matters a lot. It speaks a lot about you. Therefore, use formal closing remarks such as, “With best regards, kind regards, sincerely yours and yours truly”. You should also add your full and official name before signing off.

  1. Add an attractive postscript

A postscript is not an essential part of a cover letter. Yet, it can work magic when you add it and do it right. Hiring managers get attracted by the value you will add to the company when they hire you. So, why not use a postscript to tell them of a project that you have done that will be very beneficial to the company. They might need it and that can get you hired!